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Curious to see how I help my clients create the business, the money, and the the life they want fast? My events offer you the chance to become familiar with my Profit Prioritization system as well as my style of coaching. For more information or to find out which events are coming up, check out the calendar below and get in touch.

How would it feel if you could walk into a room knowing that every single person there is your ideal client?


Every single one of us has unlimited potential when it comes to finding profitable leads for our businesses, however so many of us don’t even get close because we are exhausted and have overextending ourselves with hunting them down.


The quickest way to slash that stress and to create unlimited potential for your business is when you use speaking as a profitable and laser focused lead generator.


That's exactly what I have done in the last year and a half that has allowed me to:

  • Triple my annual income

  • Speak to thousands of people at national and international conferences

  • Become an Amazon best selling author


All while being the primary caregiver to my 8 year old son.

The first step in creating the business, money and life you want through speaking is identifying WHAT you want to talk about!


That's exactly what we will be narrowing down during my Speakers Fast Path to Profit and Freedom workshop on Thursday, Oct 3rd 6pm- 9pm.


This will be in a small group, interactive workshop where we will work together to:


  • Identify your ideal topic or story

  • Create an inspiring and eye-catching title

  • Identify and plot out the core points of your talk


Which, all together, will give you the starting stages to creating a 30 minute, lead generating signature talk.


Why wait another year until you can confidently share your story and make a profitable return on it?

Join me and a group of successful business owners, on Oct 3rd, to refine your speaking journey! 

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