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9 Things I've Learned in My 9 Years of Being an Entrepreneur

Recently, I’ve shared the biggest lessons, mess ups and triumphs I’ve experienced whilst navigating my entrepreneurial journey - over several posts on my Instagram. I received so much amazing feedback that I decided I wanted to put them all together in a blog.

You may be realizing that the goals you have, you don't want to wait 9 years to achieve; so these lessons I have learned during my journey, so far, as an entrepreneur, may be the catalyst you need to make the changes your business deserves. ⁠

1. The industry you start in doesn’t have to be the industry you stay in! ⁠

I learned very quickly that even if I started as a certified personal trainer helping in-person clients gain healthy, happy lifestyles... that clearly wasn't the industry I would stay in. ⁠

If you're waiting for no one to be watching, or wondering how you can make the transition without it seeming like a major shift here's my advice: ⁠

  • No one is watching.

  • Go for what is aligned.

  • Take small steps towards your goals, right now. ⁠

2. Some of the decisions you make may feel like sacrifices, however, when they are done with confidence they lead to true alignment.

Some of the hardest decisions I've made were not for myself, but for others.

After the birth of my son, I had to juggle the fact that business was where I was meant to be, but at that point I had to prioritize my family.

I ended up making the decision to take a job that I hated, in order to create stability. ⁠

This job wasn't one that aligned with my end vision at all; however, it taught me how important it is that when you ARE in alignment, things will fall into place much more easily. ⁠

3. Getting sucked into how other people told me I had to run my business.

This one is for one of my bigger mess ups... Now that I look back I really wish I had someone to pull me off this metaphorical bridge.

I learned the hard way , and lost out on thousands of dollars in seeking success by copying what I thought was the only way to succeed. ⁠

That person may be your idol, they may seemingly have the lifestyle you crave and therefore you take everything they say as gospel, which ultimately puts blinders on the opportunities around you. ⁠

PLOT TWIST: You can create a strategy that works for you when you have a mentor who truly looks for your success.

4. There is always a chance your day will NOT go as planned

As a primary caregiver to an amazing boy who is Autistic, as well as being a business owner, I recognize and embrace this every, single day. ⁠

My solution - be structurally unstructured.⁠

  • Identify at least 2 do or die things you NEED to get done in your business.⁠

  • Put those tasks in your calendar and block off that time. (Ps. the earlier you can get them done, the harder it is for it to be disrupted)⁠

⁠If you schedule shifts, just look at the time you have now, look at your priorities and fit in which priority fits within the time you have left⁠.⁠

5. Boundaries, Boundaries, BOUNDARIES!

It's easy for family to unknowingly take advantage of the fact that you work from home and for you to think you have all the time in the world because you don't have a 9-5.⁠

My solution - Set office hours.⁠

They don't have to be the same time every day, but every day you need to know when you are going to shut out everything and everyone so you can fully focus on your business. ⁠

⁠This gives you boundaries on offering your time off when you can help people out/spend time with friends/family. ⁠

⁠Family emergency? Go back to tip number #4.

⁠6. Desire.

Creating momentum in your business, especially as you're developing a schedule that fits your lifestyle, is based on this!

Your thoughts are a powerful tool, more powerful than you may give credit.

Setting desires behind my actions has been a defining factor in the results I've seen, especially when I got real honest with myself and showed up 100% as myself. ⁠

Learning to implement those thoughts into decisive action is going to create a turning point in your business. ⁠

I used to say to myself, "as long as I get X amount, I'll be fine. I don't need any more." ⁠

Which, is why for a long time I DID only get my survival budget coming in. ⁠

Now I say, "I am free to hit X amount consistently." ⁠

Which means 6 figures has become a beautiful piece to my business, and I am so grateful. ⁠

⁠7. You don't have to know everything in order to be a capable expert in your work.

This one I definitely learned the hard way...

I've discovered through my different businesses and practical learning, that some things just aren't my zone of genius. ⁠

And, for a while, I fought with the idea that everything HAD to be my zone of genius if I wanted to be successful. I had to have the answers or others would judge me. ⁠

News flash: No one knows everything and neither should you. ⁠

In entrepreneurship, the one thing you learn is that you are a student, forever. Always learning, growing and getting better. ⁠

So my lesson here: If you're feeling the pressure to know everything and you can't seem to talk yourself out of bullying yourself, then I'd genuinely love to chat and just talk about it with you. We need to support each other through this. ⁠

8. The success you seek won't happen if you don't take action.

I've written down a lot of goals, planned a lot of things, said a lot of stuff, and guess what⁠? None of those things happened, because I didn't put any action behind them.⁠

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

I didn't create my life by design over night and I definitely didn't create it by just talking about it⁠.

There wasn't one magical thing I did that changed my entire life and helped me create the business, money and life I always wanted. ⁠

That's because it was, and still is, a process.⁠

It’s regularly recognizing where I am, where I want to be and then creating a simple, consistent plan of action to get me there.⁠

That is how I tripled my annual income in a year - by utilizing 7 years of lessons learned and actions taken.⁠

9. Know what your why is.

This is the biggest thing I've learned over the last nine years and it’s the thing that has gotten me through hardships, losses, wins, moves and triumphs.

4 years ago I was exhausted and overwhelmed because I was trying to put everyone else's needs and wants first.⁠

I was putting my clients needs first because I wanted them to be successful (because that proves I'm successful, right?)

I put my sons needs first because that is what moms are supposed to do... Sound familiar?

Then I gave myself permission to really identify what I wanted in my life and business - my WHY:⁠

"To create a true life of freedom- financially, emotionally, and mentally."⁠

This why has helped me make some tough decisions, but it has also helped me to establish the boundaries I needed to create the business, the money and the life I wanted on my terms, in my time.⁠

So there you have it! The top 9 things I have learned in my last 9 years of Entrepreneurship.

I know my journey isn’t anywhere near over- more lessons will be learned, and shared, but it's been so cool to see my progression so far as well as use these lessons to help my clients create the business, the money and the life they want, fast!

Now I’m curious, which lesson hit hardest with you? Click HERE to share!

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