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"Must be nice"...

“Well, that must be nice.” Is one of the most infuriating, passive aggressive comment you could say to someone.

P.S I am writing this as I sit on the balcony at a beachfront house in San Diego that my father has rented out, for our entire family, for the next 5 days.

You want to know how my father was able to do this?

Because he has been working his ASS off as an Entrepreneur/Business Owner for the last 30 plus years.

Over 30 years!

This wasn't something I grew up with. I grew up watching him try and fail over and over again. I watched him sacrifice time with his family and friends, I watched him hustle his face off by going back to school to get his Masters at the age of 40 while working full time and with*balancing a family. Meanwhile, watching my mom support his every move and making the most out of the $25/week we had to feed a family of 4. Then, I watched him grow his last company from him and a secretary to now a multi million dollar company with hundreds of employees.

So yeah, you bet your ass it's nice!

As a woman business owner, myself, I have had a lot of ups and downs in the past 10 years, but in the last 2 the ups have been the best in my entire life. I have been able to triple my annual income, travel multiple times to speak internationally and travel with family when I wish to. Yet one of the biggest struggles I had, and still slightly wrestle with today, is how much to share my successes to the general public. Because all of a sudden I either have to defend it or be apologetic for it and that is so frustrating to me! Why do I suddenly have to censor myself because I made different choices than you?

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because I never, ever, ever, EVER want someone to hinder sharing their successes because some passive aggressive, jealous peanut gallery is going to chime in (and they always will).

I want you to know that shows nothing about you and all about them. Your success is 100% yours and you should definitely own it as well as share it! The right people are going to be inspired by you and you are going to help more people then you will ever know by speaking your truth.

The not so right people won't connect to it and that is ok because you cannot help/motivate/inspire everyone- it is mentally, physically and emotionally impossible.

Life is all about choices- success is all about consistent hard work, and there will always be someone who chooses to see your Chapter 10 and think it’s your chapter 1.

Also to those of you who are guilty of thinking someone’s life is better or that you wish you had what they had or they are achieving something you want faster- don’t waste your energy being jealous of their life and/or frustrated with yours. Take this opportunity to re-evaluate what you want in your life and reprioritize.

Here is the moral of the story- You have full say on how you spend the time that you have.

For those reading this who are stuck and frustrated- Identify what you want to change in your life, then what is the first little step you can start implementing now, remember this is a process.

For those of you reading this who have been timid in sharing your successes- STOP IT! Be proud of what you have accomplished and if anyone response with, “Well, that must be nice” just respond back “Yes, yes it is”.

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