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Not to brag but...

Last year was the best year, professionally, in my entire life.

I tripled my annual income, travelled internationally (multiple times) to speak, spoke on over 25 different platforms/stages across the country and became a best selling Amazon author.

My ego was ON FIRE!

I walked into this year with the confidence that there was nothing that could stop me, but there was something that did. That something was Me.

No matter where you are in your business, there will be moments when you unknowingly lose yourself. Whether you get caught up in other people's expectations and/or systems, or you start purely identifying yourself with what you do instead of who you are, it's easy to lose pieces of yourself along the way.

In my last few blog posts I have been touching on the question “Who Am I?”, and how important that question is when it comes to creating the business, the money and the life you want. Now I am going to delve into that a bit deeper, because even if you have a phenomenal message (put past video link here) and know exactly who that message is for (insert last blog link here), those are never going to get you to where you want to go unless YOU connect with it.

Who are you in all of this? Why did you create all of this?

I could go as deep as to ask, what are your values, morals and inspiration?

Because, as I have slowly but surely learned in the last few months, those 3 areas are very telling when it comes to how connected you are with yourself and where you are going with your business.

I got back to that by going back through my own story. I looked at my journey last year and looked at what I was doing and how I was thinking in order to create such “fast” success. I talked with my therapist, I confided in supportive friends, and I realized that my values, morals and inspiration were not connected to who I am.

Instead of being present and open on sales calls, I was focusing on the results I wanted to get from it. My client prospect calls got dumbed down to just numbers, not people. I was 100% results driven, not intentionally led.

The first day I went back to work as my authentic self with my true intention, I closed a private client, booked 3 speaking events, and now have more phone calls in my diary then I have had in months.

Here's the moral of your story - you can have all the tools, connections and resources to create the business, the money and the life you want. But none of those are going to be successful, the way you want them to be, until you can authentically connect with and customize them to who you are and what you want.

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