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Why Aren't You Successful?

What do you think is keeping you from being successful? If you instantly start to blame outside factors or people then, guess what, you will never be successful. Now, if you are a little pissed at me right now, you have two choices; 1- Stop reading and miss a chance to be successful. 2- Continue reading and be one step closer to the success you desire. Time for a little “choose your own adventure”. Still reading? Good, because this blog is about mindset and continuing on means there is a glimmer of hope that you are ready to change, you are ready to embrace a growth mindset.

“Growth mindset”, what does that mean? Most of us don’t really know and/or don’t really take the time to find out. We go along our daily lives, doing what we always do, wanting more but always saying the two safety words, “One day…”. Then, we go back to what we were doing before and continuing to want different results. We tell ourselves we can’t, we tell ourselves it would be scary, and we ask ourselves “what will others think?”. Then there are a small few of us who have not only taken the time to define our “growth mindset” but we also challenge it, every single day. Fear is our fuel, our “I can’t” is more like “I can't, yet.”, and we constantly want to learn how to strengthen our less stronger skills. That, dear friends, is a growth mindset, the thinking that everything is trainable, you just have to figure out what skill you want to focus on. Now this mindset isn’t applicable to only those who we call “entrepreneurs”, its applicable to anyone who wants to change something in their life.

At the top of this article I asked you want is keeping you from being successful, now why did I call you out on blaming outside factors? Because the only thing that is standing in the way of your success is, yourself. Well, you and two little words. I. Can’t. Here is something that may shock you. Ready? No one knows how to do everything. I know, it’s shocking, but true. The most successful people you know, whether it's in business or in life, did NOT wake up having everything at their disposal to become that successful. They learned how to do it, they failed, looked stupid, got judged up the wazoo, and yet they still kept taking steps forward. They aren’t special, they are human and so are you. Are you understanding me? The reason they are successful is NOT because they are special, is NOT because they are lucky, they are successful because they learned how to be. THAT is a growth mindset. Anyone, at any age, at any stage, can have it and it is a non negotiable when it comes to being successful.

To prove my point I want to introduce you to my father, Tom. My dad is a college graduate, with a degree in music, was a high school music teacher and then started several businesses as I was growing up and all were not super successful, in fact one was a big FAT failure. So he moved us from Colorado to Arizona when I was 7 to find new opportunities. At 40, he went back to school, got his Masters in Counseling (as he was working full time) and decided to start his own company. He started it with himself, an idea that had never been done before, and a part time secretary. Today, 22 years later, he now has over 250 employees, a one of a kind business model, and one of the top companies in the Phoenix area. Side note- now, he is also working on his pilot's license and just flew solo for the first time last week. THAT folks is a growth mindset! Are you getting it? My dad didn’t stop because he failed, he didn't stop because he was too old, in fact he never stops, because he always has a goal he wants to accomplish. So now what's your excuse?

You are the one in control of that voice inside you, you are the one that is letting it get so loud, and you have full say on what it tells you. In order for you to be the success that you want to be, you need to change your thinking. Do you know everything? Of course not. That doesn’t make you stupid, it gives you room to learn. Is everyone going to understand? Of course not, but those who do, will support you to the moon and back. Are you capable of creating the life you want? Of course you are, but that means you actually have to take action towards it. It's never the thought that counts. Now, what do you want to learn today and what is the first step you can take in mastering it? Don’t just sit there and think of all the things you “don’t know”, focus on the first thing you want to learn. I'm going to end with one of my favorite quotes, “The only thing standing between you and your success is the bullshit excuse you keep telling yourself.” Get out of your way and GROW!

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