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Patience- It's More Than a Virtue.

“What did you learn over the summer?” I know all of us have had to do this report for school at least once so I giggled when my mentor asked me to do the same thing. I haven’t blogged since July because summers with my son are crazy. Yes we traveled and saw family, made some amazing memories, stayed up late, etc. but also, because my son is on the Autism spectrum, it's very scheduled. We were lucky enough to have an amazing summer camp that specifically works with kids who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and has helped him, socially and mentally, so much the last couple of years. But this summer camp is also in the middle of CTA nowhere (yes, Im a Chicago city girl who doesn’t own a car) and involves about 2 hours total commute time. I know that most working single parents say their life is scheduled around their child but, for me, during the summer, it is true to the inth degree.

As a business owner I have goals and, as a human, I get annoyed when something changes in my life that can throw those goals off track. This summer was a perfect example of that. The biggest lesson I learned this summer was, patience. Patience with my son, patience with my schedule, patience with myself, and patience with my goals. When my August went from two trips (one to an important work conference and one to an important personal event) to none, due to something completely out of my control, I was not a happy camper. Remember, ‘Im human. I was annoyed, upset, and just pissed that once again I was the one that had to change everything in my life to accommodate the others around me. Normally, that is something I advise against but there are just going to be some situations where you are the only person who has room to shift and you are just going to have to do it. So I did. I looked at my month, looked at my schedule, and I shifted my goals accordingly. I realized, that I needed to take full advantage of having a routine, granted a different routine but a routine all the same, to re-look at my goals.

That is the funny thing about goals, they change as you do. A reason why some businesses always stay stuck is because they hold onto their goals with a death grip. There is nothing wrong with working your ass off to accomplish something but there is something wrong if you are trying to accomplish something that no longer serves you. I realized that my focus has really changed since I made my goals back in January, and with that realization I refocused my routine on what was important to me now. Which meant moving out of my comfort zone that is virtual networking to an unknown, face to face networking. Because I took the time to see how far I’ve come and re look at where I wanted to go, new, major opportunities, have been pouring in! Think of it, how many amazing opportunities have you not seen because you are too busy banging your head against the wall on a goal you are only working on because you said you would? There is no such thing as failure, its recognizing, learning, applying and redirecting.

Remember the rhythm of life is constantly changing so you have two choices- move with it and let it make you even stronger, or work against it and exhaust yourself as you stay still.

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