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Are You Doing Your Best Or Your All?

In business, and in life, there are so many resources out there to better yourself. Books, videos, podcasts, webinars, seminars, blogs, Coaches, etc. Instant support on what you feel you need to be better at in order to be successful. The key is not just accessing these resources, but actually applying the to your situation. But how much of that do you actually apply every day?

When I was first introduced to personal development I thought it was a bunch of woo woo bullshit. So instead, I kept doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. That's the definition of insanity, by the way. 4 years ago I was inspired by the amazing author and entrepreneur, Darren Hardy, at a work conference and I purchased his book “The Compound Effect”. I realized, after reading that book, how much my daily routine was KILLING my business and my personal growth. The only thing that was in the way of my success was me and the bullshit excuses I was telling myself. Now, everytime something makes me go “Ah Ha” I write it down and start applying it to my daily routine ASAP. Because, to quote Darren, "Its the little things, you do everyday, that make the biggest difference." But with that application comes change, every time. That needs to happen. Something that may have worked for me 6 months ago will probably not work now because I am growing. Nothing is going to work forever, remember that! As you change, your routine is going to change, your system is going to change. Do not attach yourself to what has worked before because that will slowly kill you and your business as well. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and know when it's time to say “Thank you and goodbye”.

Learning things does not cause you to grow, applying those things causes you to grow. That is where so many of us go wrong. We read, we listen, we watch, we regurgitate it to our friends and co-workers but we hardly ever APPLY! The problems with most people's success is that they know too much and do too little. Are you guilty of that too? I will tell you this, being smart does not make you successful. There are plenty of smart, broke people out there, I know a few of them. It's not because they don’t know better it’s because they don't do better! So, are you doing your best or are you doing your all?

The part that usually gets people freaked out is the feeling that they have to apply everything at once, and that is definitely not true. No one changes over night, everything is an evolution. Start small. Break it down. For example, let's say your goal is to wake up an hour earlier to have more productive time. Start with 30 min earlier for a week, then 45 min earlier, (moving towards your goal of an hour) than the hour. Once you’ve done that for three weeks straight, add on the next thing. This isn't rocket science, its grace and consistency. As Darren Hardy said, “It's the little things you do everyday that make the biggest difference”.

Guess when is the best time to start? NOW! Grab a pen, paper, or whatever you use to track your daily schedule. Write down ONE THING you want to accomplish, not the big picture, but one step that will get you closer to that big picture. Put it in your calendar for today or tomorrow at the latest and start applying. Need help? Comment below and let's schedule a quick complimentary phone call where I will help you establish a plan for applying your knowledge and moving forward in your personal growth.

Remember, it’s the little things you do everyday that make the biggest difference.

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