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Birthday Life Lessons

On Monday, June 12th, I celebrated my 36th birthday. On the left side of the picture below is me on my 35th birthday, on the right is me at 36. Besides the hair colour, which changes often by the way, and the amazing new tattoo on my right shoulder, externally there really wasn't a lot of change. Internally, on the other hand, is a totally different story.

Do you like birthdays? Everyone has either a sense of excitement or absolute dread when asked that question. I am the first, I LOVE birthdays. Not because of the attention (though let's face it, it's pretty ego boosting) or the presents (though, let's face it, they are pretty awesome), but because every year is a new year to have new adventures and learn new things. For a while now, usually on the eve of my birthday, I take a moment and reflect what the last year has taught me. Every year is different, some have more positives than others, but they all happened for a reason. They are why I am who I am today and why I am where I am today. This year I would like to share with you what I discovered on my 35th year of life.

  1. Everything happens for a reason.

  2. I can be strong and still need help, that's OK.

  3. Be open but don't set up expectations.

  4. Know what I want and I make decisions every day to get myself closer.

  5. Some days suck, some weeks suck, because things just sometimes suck.

  6. Embrace the suck.

  7. My choices got me to where I am and they needed to be made in that order.

  8. I have full say in what I say YES to.

  9. I have full say in what I say NO to.

  10. I am the person everyone else sees.

  11. Traditions are what I create them to be.

  12. Being taken care of is a sign of confidence and strength, not weakness and subservience.

  13. What I choose is my choice.

  14. Change is necessary.

  15. Be flexible on my process and make my goals bigger.

  16. Trust the process. Trust the process. TRUST THE PROCESS.

  17. Travel is grounding.

  18. Boundaries are necessary.

  19. Self Love and Care is required

  20. Communication is key.

  21. Asking for something I want is not needy or selfish, well it is selfish and I need to be selfish, this is MY life.

  22. Autism can suck it.

  23. Be present and mindful.

  24. Letting go is not giving in.

  25. I may not be a perfect mom and but I'm a fucking awesome one.

I wanted to share these with you because we all need reminders of how amazing we are. We all need reminders of what amazing things we have accomplished, no matter the size. We all need reminders that none of us are perfect, this is a journey and it's one we never have to take alone.

If birthdays are not your favorite thing its usually because you are focusing on what is ending instead of what could be beginning. That is such a waste of energy. By being mindful of the positive can create so many changes in your life. Let’s start now. Take a minute, write down at least 5 things you have learned about yourself in this year of life and share them in the comment section below. Some of you may find thinking of 5 things is super easy, some of you may find it a bit more difficult, but stay with it and share them below. Remember, nothing is little and nothing is stupid, all growth deserves to be recognized and celebrated!

Thank you 35 for all that you have taught me. For the laughter, the tears, the frustrations, the lessons, the failures, the successes, the growth, the love, the heartache, for all the memories, thank you. 36, let's do this!

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