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Define Your Life

Websters definition of Entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.” A Father's definition, for any entrepreneur and wants to date their child, is “an unemployed dreamer.” An Entrepreneurs definition is “a person who is following their passion and creating a business that supports a work/life balance.” One of these things isn’t like the other…..

The entrepreneurial world is shifting, as well as the status that comes along with that term. Granted there still seems to be some disconnect between generations and the valued “success” of being an entrepreneur, but more and more people now look to that entrepreneur as an inspiration. Entrepreneurs are redefining the status quo, and we couldn't be happier. More and more of us are fully embracing Jonathon "Mox" Moxon’s famous line from ‘Varsity Blues’, “I don't want your life!” (Yes I’m totally aging myself and yes I totally embrace it, and if you have no idea what movie I’m talking about just smile, nod and read on.)

With this shift comes a major fear of the unknown. Most of us grew up with this traditional ideal that we start with a company straight out of college, work hard, move up the ranks, never 100% happy (but who is), make a living to support a certain lifestyle, and pledge your allegiance till you get your watch at 65. (Yes, I know they don't give out watches anymore and, yes, I do realize that example may have been lost on some of you but again, smile, nod and read on). The point is, because you have decided to break tradition and start your own venture, most of your family, and some of your friends, may have no idea what to do with you. Honestly, you may not know what to do with you at times. But you do know you feel like you have to defend your journey and show everyone how successful you can be. But how? It’s so much easier in the corporate world. Your path is fully defined, fully laid out for you, step by step, and no questions are really needed. In the Entrepreneurial world, you are fully responsible for how you schedule your day, determine, track, and hit your goals, plus you question everything. Which path will get you to success? Well that depends, what is your definition of success?

Defining that is the first step. Your definition will help you not only create your schedule, goals, and timeline, but also, can really identify the resources that are aligned with that mindset to help you grow.

You are an entrepreneur. This journey, this business, the process is 100% yours. It scary, it's amazing, it's unknown but its yours. Define what success means to you, align your goals, create a schedule and trust the process.

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