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Be a 5 Year Old Badass!

My 5 year old never ceases to amaze, inspire, and let's be honest, frustrate me. I know that most parents say that and it's true. If you really want to see how you can conquer every fear and every goal in your life, you really have to look no farther then your child (if you have one, if you don’t, don’t stare too long at someone else’s they may get creeped out. With that said, please read on).

Max began teaching me lessons the day he was born. My birth plan was to do an all natural childbirth in an “alternative birthing center” that looked more like a bedroom then a hospital room. What ended up happening is I went in to get checked out, found out my water had been slowly breaking for the last couple for days and I would need to be induced. I am proud to say though, even with a crazy amount of pitocin and INSANE contractions, I still had the natural child birth I wanted and in record time, only 7 hours from start to finish. Lesson #1- Be determined about your goals and flexible on how to achieve them.

To continue to keep me on my toes, Max taught me my next major lesson exactly 1 week later. We had gone in for his 1 week check up to find that his jaundice levels were off the chart and he would need to be admitted to the hospital ASAP. As well as, a possible full blood transfusion scheduled for later that night if they couldn't get his levels down. I had never been so scared and felt so inadequate in all my life. I still struggle with the fact that I was the one that put him there due to the fact that I wasn’t producing enough milk and had no idea, but I also learned that you should never underestimate the strength of a child. Lesson #2- Your size and experience in no way limits your strength and determination.

At the age of 4 he was recognized for being on the Autism spectrum and I have lost count of the lessons that has taught me. Day to day life is a constant learning curve for him and myself. We have our bad days but he is also the most creative and positive kid I have ever met. When he starts to get frustrated or overwhelmed he will just look at me and say, “We are going to be just fine.” When someone asks him to do something he instantly answers, “Yes, we can do this!”. Why don’t we talk to ourselves that way? Lesson #1,536,763,002- Attack life, like Max.

Every fear, every obstacle, can be made so much smaller if we just listened to our inner 5 year old badass self! Because we all have that voice, I know I do. My mom, to this day, uses the line I famously quoted at the age of 3, “Ling a lone a me, I do it!”. Sadly though, I slowly but surely gagged, bound, and put that voice in a soundproof room. I chose, instead, to listen to other voices; “You’re not smart enough.” “Don't say something stupid.” “That's too hard, you aren’t capable of achieving that.” “Just smile, nod and shut up."... Blah, blah, blah. Because of Max, and the daily lessons he has taught me, that "Ling a lone a me" voice has now been freed and I am accomplishing things in my life that would make my inner 5 year old badass proud. Even more importantly, has made and will continue to make Max, my actual 5 year old badass, proud.

You want to have the life you’ve always wanted? You want to achieve your goals, crush your fears, and be the person you have always been? Then release your inner 5 year old badass, give her a voice, give her a mantra, say it out loud because, just as Max says, “We can do this”!

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