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Inspiration is everywhere. What that inspires you depends on who you are. What inspires the fuck out of me is the culinary arts. More specifically, Head Chefs. Head Chefs, to me, are the perfect example of how you can be creative and tactical at the same time. They have the ability to look at an ingredient, know what other ingredients it works well with, put it all together and make something beautiful and delicious. While they are doing that, they are also running a kitchen and ensuring that everyone enjoys their entire dining experience from start to finish. There are not very many careers that demand you use both sides of your brain. Yet Chefs use the creative and strategic sides of their brains, at different points in their day, all throughout their day, and somehow manage to keep their sanity in tact. They sacrifice everything to achieve the dream and let no thing and/or no one stand in their way.

Head Chefs like this inspire me by showing me that I can have the life I want and do what it takes to achieve my dreams, I just need to trust myself.

Inspirations speak to us in an area that we want to be stronger in but can also relate to. For me, the way Chef’s look at the dishes they create, is the same way I look at people. I see their potential (ingredients) I see what they can become (final dish) and through questions, support, love, and guidance I help them create what they want and accomplish their goals. It's all about patience and listening, trial and error. Chefs are constantly tweaking a recipe, taking the parts they love and adjust the rest. I do the same with my clients. I help them take what works, adjust what doesn’t, and create with them a plan of action. There is no such thing as failure!

Everyone feels this kind of inspiration at some point in their life, that connection that creates a spark in our soul, yet, a good amount of us never even try to tap into it. Why is that? Why the fuck are we so scared to trust ourselves? We are born with everything we need to answer our soul's calling. It's already in us. It isn't anything new. So why don’t we trust that? Instead we look for something or someone on the outside to chose our paths for us. We look for their validation in order to move forward. For some reason, their word becomes our bond. Their validation, our key to success. Their talk, our walk.

If you really want to go beyond where you are today, if you want to be better than before, then you need to be you. You need to grow you, and, more importantly, you need to trust what's in you. Don’t live your life around what other people think, if you do then you aren't living your life, you are living theirs.

This is why Head Chef’s fascinate the fuck out of me. They know who they are and they are never afraid to tell you. They know what they want and they are not afraid to go after it. They don’t see the world as it is, they see it as what they can make from it, as a resource. That inspires me everyday to push myself, to ask for what I want, to make decisions and to tap into what I already have inside of me to take me closer to my goals every day. What inspires you and how you can you use that inspiration every day to get you closer to your goals?

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