Raise your hand if you are currently going to bed exhausted, overwhelmed and wishing there was more time in the day.

Do you ever feel like there is never enough time in the day?

Do you find yourself ending each day exhausted but still feeling stuck and nowhere near your goals?

If you never have the time then you are never going to build a profitable business.

What if you could prioritize the money you want to make every single month AND create the free time to enjoy it?

What if you knew the exact steps you needed to take to get on a path to more profit and more freedom in your business and your life?

What if you could do this without the stress and overwhelm?

Is it really that easy?

Yes it is, and I am going to show you how!

"Thanks to Melissa... I've done 2 online events in the past 2 months, on the road, and have signed 3 clients from this. $7000 to my business.

I want more calls this month so I'm holding another one tomorrow, online, from my dining table.

This is great!" -Francesca, Musician/Coach

Introducing - The Fast Path Club

This is a laser focused, one of a kind coaching group that gives you every resource you need to start prioritizing your primary profit avenues and slash the stress that’s eating up your time.

As well as create the profit you want, way faster, so that you have freedom in your business.

Such resources include:

  • Monthly Laser focused LIVE trainings with me

  • Weekly Accountability Calls

  • A concrete plan of action that you can implement every day to be successful

  • Lead generation strategies that always lead to clients including creating a signature talk!

  • Proven profit building avenues - the same ones that I have used and my clients

  • Access to templates, action guides, and checklists

  • Trusted connections and resources

The way I see it, if you don’t learn to prioritize the profit avenues in your business where is what happens - you start your business you’re fueled with passion and then you get stuck and worse, complacent. All the while, you’re still not making the money you know a successful business can make you. But, you don’t know what to do about it and become overwhelmed and stressed. Or, you do know what to do about it and you just don’t, because you’re worried you don’t have the resources.

I am on a mission to help exhausted, overwhelmed business owners, overcome this once and for all and it's what I want to help you with. For you to get exactly what YOU want from your business ... and from your life!

Check out some of the trainings that are in store for you:

  1. Planning for profit - so that you’re constantly working towards money coming in.

  2. Target Ideal clients - who, where, how, why - know where they are so you know where you need to be.

  3. Double your time of by delegating - learning to outsource and embracing the investment in you.

  4. Clarity on who YOU are - so you have a lot more confidence to say no and direct your energy into the work you love to do not have to do.

  5. Learning to value what you do and have rates/packages that work for you and your business.

  6. Creating your Signature Talk that will give you more profitable leads in less time!

“When I started with Melissa I was so stuck and overwhelmed that I wasn’t putting anything into action. Also, I was struggling with charging what I was worth. I was afraid that people wouldn't pay that much for my services and I would be taking on projects jobs at far lower prices, with clients I really didn't want to work with.

In the first 60 days of working with Melissa I have erased the overwhelm, launched my business with the prices I deserve, and generated $3,000 in new income! Not only that, but I’ve also created a work/life blend that I thrive in, work with my ideal clients, and have the support to build a business, and a life, I love!” -Natalie M, Web Designer

Here’s how it works:

It all starts with a VIP kickstart planning call with me to ensure you are starting off on the right foot.

Then I’ll personally train you, every month, on topics that, when put into action, will help you create the business, the money and the life you want, fast! On top of that we will have weekly accountability calls to ensure you are staying on task to success.

But wait, there’s more!

You also get 24/7 support with access to the secret Facebook community pages where you can ask questions, and connect with like-minded people. 

Here’s what every successful business owner knows- you have to know what to do, every single day, to be able to prioritize profit in your business. This is how you avoid stress, and become successful and profitable.

You can also expect:

  • More time so that you can create the business you want while still having time to enjoy your life.

  • More money so that you can create the life you want, fast!

  • More energy so that you can get everything out of your day and go to bed feeling successful and fulfilled.

  • More excitement around what you do, complete passion, and laser focused drive.

As well as the ability to say yes to the opportunities that are everywhere and aligned with what you want.

“If you're needing guidance, coaching, or mentoring with your business, Melissa is the person to do it. She has amazing Mastermind classes and is amazing at teaching and coaching. She has moved my business as well as my personal growth into something I never imagined.

Thank you Melissa for all you have given to me and mentoring me beyond my wildest dreams." - Carmen R.

Are you ready??

When you join you get:

  • 2 - Group VIP planning calls - valued at $670

  • 6 - monthly 1 hour virtual trainings- valued at $2,100

  • Weekly Accountability Calls- valued at $2,970

  • Secret FB group for questions 24/7- valued at $197


  • Access to my exclusive training suite- valued at $197

  • Lifetime membership rate value - priceless

  • Prioritize Your Profits Checklist and Guide- valued at $75

  • Vision, Value, Voice- The Holy Trinity to Business Success- valued at $19

Total Value = $6,228

Your Price= $497/month

PLUS You can get started today for just $100!

Want an even bigger discount?

Pay for the entire 6 month program up front and receive one month FOR FREE!

Enrollment period for this price ends June 1st with our group, going live, on June 3rd!

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