Hello, my name is Mel McSherry and

I am an International Business Development Coach and Speaker. I work with women in business/women business owners, who are exhausted and overwhelmed by everything they think they need to do in order to be successful.

I slash their stress by showing them how to prioritize their time, their profit avenues and themselves correctly so they can truly create the business, the money and the life they want, fast!

I provide this through one on one coaching sessions, an online coaching group, as well as live and virtual workshops.

How can I support you today?


How would it feel if you could to walk into a room knowing everyone there was your ideal client which gave you profitable leads, and faster sales, on the spot?
I have created a 90 day program that will show you, from start to finish, on how to do exactly that, through the power of speaking. If you are ready to create the business, the money and the life you want through speaking then shoot me a message to schedule a complimentary Speakers Breakthrough Session.

Each year thousands of new businesses are started, backed by entrepreneurs who have a dream to become a success and build something great. But did you know that two-thirds of new businesses only make it through two years of operation, half of all businesses close after five years, and one-third last ten years?

 In the next several pages, you will learn how to define: Who you are, what you are offering, and who you are talking to. In other words, this book will guide you in finding your vision, your value and your voice, the holy trinity to business success.

Client Testimonials

What My Clients Are Saying

"I was lucky enough to meet Melissa right before the opportunity passed me by! I was met with a warm energy, an open mind, and some of the best support I could have imagined in that moment. She was an active listener, helped me come up with active solutions to things, and validated things that I was reluctant to share. She spoke directly to my struggles as not only a business owner, but as a woman, an adult, and a human being.

I have met with many coaches in my time and I can truly say that Melissa is such a solid addition to my mental health. Anyone working with her will find a wonderful support and fresh open mind."

Tori Ulrich

"If you're needing guidance, coaching, or mentoring with your business, Melissa is the person to do it. She has amazing Mastermind Classes and is amazing at teaching and coaching. She has moved my business as well as my personal growth into something I never imagined. 
Thank You Melissa for all you have given to me and mentoring me beyond my wildest dreams."

Carmen Roark

"Melissa is amazing. I found myself in a new position leading the sales team of a technology company while doing marketing and sales consulting on the side. She helped me change my mindset, improve my leadership qualities (which she knew were there the whole time, it was me that was doubting), and made me focus on MY WHY. 
I encourage anyone and everyone to partner with Melissa and unleash the potential that lies deep within you."

Dan Barker

Effective Coaching Services

Private Coaching

  • 3- 60 min Monthly Private coaching sessions

  • Unlimited Contact Between sessions via email, text, or messenger.

  • 24/7 support via a secret Facebook Page.

Profit Plan Workshop

I walk you through 5 main Profit Points that will double your income while doubling your free time to enjoy it.

Hire Mel to Speak at Your Next Event

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Profit Producing Avenues

  • Time Management

  • How to take Leadership in Your Life

"The world doesn't give you what you want, the world gives you who you are."


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